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How We Help

Talking Therapies

An eating disorder is a psychological problem which has physical consequences. 

Many people find talking therapies helpful when they have experienced distressing events, or have had a difficult time in their lives. Research has shown that talking therapies can often help people to overcome a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties, including eating disorders.   

Talking therapies are a useful way to try to explore and understand why such difficulties have developed, what keeps them going and how you can overcome them. Talking therapies can also help you develop better ways of coping and explore what will help you to stay well.

There are many different types of talking therapy, but they all have the same aim - to reduce emotional distress and improve psychological wellbeing. To do this, the individual's needs are assessed, so that appropriate treatments can be discussed with them.

Physical Health

Eating disorders can affect your physical health in a number of ways.  These can include:

Our doctors are specialised in eating disorders and will work with you, and your GP, to monitor and improve your physical health.  This may involve regular review of your overall physical health, blood tests and occasionally medications.  Our doctors understand how scary it can be when some of these things happen, but we will help you to understand why they are happening, as well as advising you on the best way to overcome them.


Our dietitians are specialised in eating disorders.  They will help you look at your current diet and your nutritional needs, and help you to find ways to change.  Each individual comes to us with different difficulties, and our dietitans will work with you, closely alongside other members of the team, to help you to overcome your worries. 

You may be concerned that the dietitian will simply give you a ‘diet plan’, but we know that it will be more helpful if we work with you to think of manageable and realistic goals, with a pace that suits you.  Our dietitians understand how hard it can be to change, and the anxieties you may have when it comes to eating, but you will soon see that with our help you can overcome your fears.


Wherever possible the treatment for eating disorders takes place in the community but sometimes it is necessary to be admitted to the specialist eating disorder ward due to increasing physical health risks or because someone is not able to keep themselves safe. This would always be something which would be discussed between the individual and their clinician.