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Whether you are visiting one of our clinics in the near future, a current service user or a concerned relative, we understand that there are times outside of treatment hours where you need some form of advice or guidance.

Please fill out the below contact form, remembering to include your details and preferred method of contact. One of our staff will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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In an outright crisis, where your mood suddenly drops or you are experiencing serious medical symptoms email is not a good medium for communication. We will not be able to provide immediate support in these cases as there may be a delay between your email being sent and when it is read.

If such a situation should arise please contact your GP/mental health team/key worker or A&E depending on the urgency or type of problem encountered.

You may have opted to be contacted by email. This is a quick, easy method for us to communicate with you BUT the Trust cannot guarantee the confidentiality of material sent to you in this way.

Please also note that the Trust considers email correspondence for advice and support purposes to be confidential. We request that you do not share or copy any email correspondence, or therapists email addresses.